Online School

We are experienced and well-prepared for online education. Upon registration, our students are equipped with personal online accounts where they are able to receive classwork and homework, communicate with their teachers, and have the necessary access for integrative and holistic online education. We also offer digital instrumental lessons, invite interesting and inspirational guests, and have a number of extra-curricular classes online so as to support the child, particularly when socialising is at a minimum due to the pandemic.  

We have developed strategies for teaching a combination of both online and in-person education simultaneously to accommodate all our students. The school also has an allocated team to support parents, students, classes, and instrumental teachers in the case of full-online education.

Through our Online School experience Brilliant Stars Families will:

  • Experience high-quality interactive assignments and regular personalised feedback
  • Develop essential skills and nurture curiosity through independent learning
  • Receive regular updates from your child’s teachers on their progress and achievements
  • Be a part of exclusive learning spaces offered by inspirational individuals from around the world
  • Experience exciting hands-on projects 
  • Receive surprise deliveries and pick-up opportunities of thematic materials.
  • Experience whole class teaching, peer group collaboration, and 1:1 support from class teachers/support staff
  • Participate in individual reading and group guided reading sessions 
  • Participate in real-time lessons through a safe and secure platform 
  • Receive structured independent work to allow time away from screens
  • Spend time with friends while conducting meaningful activities in informal spaces

In times of school closures, it remains very important to us to support your child’s social, emotional, academic, creative, and physical learning. Similarly, we pay close attention to supporting our parents by individualising our online learning experience to support the wellbeing of the whole family dynamic. 

We pay close attention to supporting our parents and individualising our online learning experience to support the wellbeing of the whole family dynamic.
  • Real-time Lessons
  • Inspiring Guests
  • Blended and Personalised Online Learning
  • Online Technical Support for the Family
  • Regular Feedback from Teachers
  • Safe and Secure Platform

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When your child joins Brilliant Stars, your whole family is joining a vibrant community.

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What People Say

Do you still remember the excited eyes and hunger for new knowledge and skills that are so typical of kindergarteners? When searching for a school, retaining the love of learning was our top criteria. That’s why we came to Brilliant Stars. And the choice was good - kids asking “when can I start some math?” on the first day of school, kids going deeper on some school topic and bringing their findings back to others, kids writing short books, kids looking forward to discussing moral choices and current affairs… by now, our kids are 10 years old. They still love learning.
I whole-heartedly recommend Brilliant Stars to any parents searching for a warm, safe school environment that nurtures the whole child. My daughter attended preschool and year one for three years and leaves the school confident and prepared for her next adventure. Brilliant Stars' dedicated staff supported her natural talents and personality and showed her how much she can accomplish. I especially valued Brilliant Stars' emphasis on virtue education and the effort they make to instill their students with a sense of responsibility-- for themselves, for their friends and loved ones, and for the world around them. Brilliant Stars' curriculum and philosophy unlocks academic excellence without neglecting equally important social skills and commitment to community. We had experience with other, more expensive private schools in Bratislava but Brilliant Stars outclasses them easily---- it is what we will miss most about leaving Slovakia.
Thank you for the excellent cooperation in the last 5 years. Having had the chance to attend Brilliant Stars was the best start to education of our children we could have imagined. Hearing children chatter fluently in English at the end of Kindergarten, was a great achievement. Not being a bilingual family, we considered that as one of the main objectives and it was met. Your enthusiastic and motivated team whom our children and us will keep the best memories of. Always smiling, ready to help and discuss, proactively report on status. Last but not least – healthy cuisine, clean environment, library, well-groomed premises, educational tools and playground… Brilliant Stars should be referred to as a role model for other educational institutions!
I would like to thank you for all the efforts you took and make this difficult time as smooth as it is possible. Everything was so well-organised and once again I must say that I am very proud to my child in this school 🧡
I have two children at Brilliant Stars' and I am delighted with the care and approach of all of the staff towards childcare and education in the early years. Both my children are flourishing under their academic, social and moral guidance. My older child has loved the use of Jolly Phonics (a UK approach to teaching literacy) as a learning tool and enjoys his numeracy, science, art and music lessons. The kindergarten also offers a wide variety of extra activites and has a lending library. Finally, and one of the key reasons why I chose this kindergarten, is that the head teacher is an inspiration to everyone involved with the kindergarten - very proactive, accommodating, hands-on and very focused on the children and what is best for them. I can highly recommend this kindergarten and given the high standard they have set can only expect their new Stupava branch to be just as good.
I think Brilliant start gives children 'active learning', and teachers know how to support children's Curiosity. I can see that my children are having good time. Because my children can't stop speaking what they have done today with big smile when I pick them up after school.
Thank you and your entire team for the tremendous work. I have been impressed from the very beginning by the flexibility of your staff and the speed with which you managed to convert the entire curriculum online.